HofG Joins Circularity, Sustainable Development Goals & the Future Panel at Kingpins China City Tour


House of Gold was honored to participate in the panel discussion on “Circularity, Sustainable Development Goals & the Future” at Kingpins China City Tour.  Communication and transparency are imperative factors to circularity and sustainability in our industry, we all need each other in order to move forward in the right direction and panels like this present an amazing opportunity for us come together and make it happen!

The panel was presented in collaboration with the Conscious Fashions Campaign and the United Nations Office For Partnerships.  The panelists included our own Director of Strategy & Product Development Gary You,  Green Supply Chain Senior Project Officer Bai Hui, Lenzing Head of BD & Marketing China Yuki Hu and Tonello Marketing and R&D Alice Tonello.

Coming from different corners of the same industry, it is easy to lose track of what each other are doing, especially when it comes to innovation.  There is exciting progress being made in each of our fields, however if we don’t make a concrete effort to share it with our peers, what good is it?  This became the prevalent talking point of the discussion.  We are all in agreeance that we should speak and share what we are all doing more often to accelerate progress on sustainability.  Its time to be more supportive and transparent with one another so we can create an ever sustainable product and be able to better communicate it to brands and in turn consumers.  

The green revolution continues!

Glenda Goldschmied