Time to REthink

New developments are always exciting… especially when they are part of our REthink category!

First shown in April 2019 in Kingpins Amsterdam, #REthink is our newest fabric category.  We believe that everyone has the responsibility to make this world better, and this should be all of our efforts.  Focusing on eco-friendly fibers like Tencel, Refibra, Repreve, EcoVero, as well as recycled cotton, indigo and polyester.  It is an ever evolving category that pushes us to REthink how to be more conscious.


To add novelty constructions to this category, we have developed a recycled indigo cotton canvas.  The beauty of this product is that it doesn’t have to be dyed in yarn form, it is just spun from indigo waste, woven and ready to go.  Using recycled cotton and recycled indigo, this fabric can still achieve different shades and feels soft to the touch.  This is recycled waste you can wear and love.