Museum of Denim Elleti Group Launch!


House of Gold and Adriano welcome you to the biggest denim archive in the world!

On June 19th we celebrated the opening of the Museum of Denim Elleti Group!

Adriano dubbed this "the million dollar denim museum" because of its invaluable collection spanning from the early 1800s to the 1970s. Located in San Bonifacio, in the outskirts of Verona, Italy, it includes a mix of historic one of a kind pieces from the earliest days of jeans to Adriano's own first attempts at revolutionary processes and finishings. A physical timeline of the world's most beloved garment.

After the panel discussion, moderated by Stefano Aldighieri with Adriano, from House of Gold, Jason Denham, from Denham, Tony Tonnaer, from Kings of Indigo, Matteo Sinigaglia, from Replay, Matteo Marzotto, from Dondup and Alberto Candiani, from Candiani Denim, the doors to the museum and archive finally opened. The museum section houses 100 outstanding authentic vintage pieces, whereas the showroom displays 15,000 development prototypes, most of them unique in the world and collected over decades of hard work and dedication by Tintoria Martelli.

Thank you to the Lovato family and ElleTi for putting together this museum, a true mecca for denim lovers that is not be missed!

And an additional thank you to Umberto Brocchetto and Valter Celato for the amazing interior design of both the showroom and the museum.