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Adriano Goldschmied has for time dreamt of pushing for an upgrade in products made in China.

The opportunity came when Precision Textiles, a high quality manufacturing company and Trendy International, a leading high end retailing company, joined Adriano, owner of Genious Group USA, on his newest venture: creating Jeanious Laundry in China.

The mission is to make a laundry operating in a sustainable way and competing in terms of quality, innovation and design with the highest international markets. Adriano’s vast experience in this  field is the backbone to the creation of the laundry design team, and the production methods.

His extensive network has brought the best international brands to finish their products at Jeanious Laundry.

Adriano selected fabrics from the best mills in the world in order to create the  Jeanious Laundry collections, the  first step in creating a better product while remaining sustainable.

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